Abusive language, threats, shouting, general rudeness: Our staff have been instructed to inform us if anyone treats them rudely or threatens them. If this occurs, we will ask you to find a new physician. We will report any threats to the RCMP.

Prescription Refills: We write prescriptions for as long as is medically appropriate. If your condition is chronic or stable you will get longer refills, if there have been recent changes your prescription will be shorter. Please come in for prescription refills; they will not be called/faxed in.


Controlled drugs: Patients who are not our regular patients will not be prescribed narcotics (painkillers) or benzodiazepines (sleeping pills).


Specialist referrals: Rather than asking for a referral, please discuss your specific concern with us. Often we are able to help and sort out your problem sooner than having a referral.


Uninsured services: BC Medical Services Plan only covers medically necessary visits. Requests for forms, notes, Driver’s Medical Exams, cosmetic treatment are not covered and will be charged directly to the patient.


No-Shows for referrals: It takes time to put together a good referral letter with all the necessary background information. If you do not show up for a specialist referral, this is a BIG deal. We will not continue to refer if you do not show up for appointments.

Unforeseen circumstances: We all deliver babies and sometimes we will be called out of the office urgently to attend to a mom in labour. If this happens your appointment might have to be rescheduled or you might be fit in with the other doctor. We appreciate your understanding.