Preparing For Your Appointment

First visit: Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can collect your health care number and contact information. Please bring photo ID to your first visit, this is essential. If you do not have a valid health care card, you will be charged for your visit.

Missed appointments: Please call as soon as you become aware you cannot make a scheduled appointment, at a minimum 24 hours prior. This allows us to offer your appointment to someone else. If you miss an appointment without calling, we will charge you.

Multiple concerns: We understand that “one problem per visit” doesn’t always work, but we are working hard to keep wait times to a minimum. One way we can be more efficient with our time is if you tell us all the things you are concerned about at the start of the visit. We might not be able to get to them all in one visit, but seeing the list at the start of the visit allows us to prioritize with you. We might ask you to make a follow up appointment (or two or ten) to work through the rest of the list. We are only human and we need to focus on a few things at a time in order to give your concerns the attention they deserve.

MOA and nurse involvement: Our Medical Office Assistants and Nurse will ask you the purpose for your visit. This is not to be nosy. They keep your information confidential. They help us to use our time more efficiently by getting you ready for the doctor’s visit and exam. For example, if you come for a blood pressure medicine refill they will get you to take off your jacket to be ready for a blood pressure measurement. If you come for a diabetes follow-up or a prenatal visit, they will weigh you. When you call to book an appointment, they may ask the purpose of your visit—this helps them to book the right amount of time and have the correct resources ready for you.

Booking follow up appointments: If possible, please book follow up appointments before leaving the clinic. This will save you the frustration of trying to get through busy phone lines. You may also book online through the Medeo app. If you are not already signed up, please ask our staff to send you a Medeo invitation (and check your junk mail folder…sometimes it lands in there!).